Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Communicating with your Target Customers through Whatsapp Marketing

Now days, new way of promotion is being adopted in marketing that is Whatsapp Marketing. It is most useful and influential method of promoting your service or product in front of your target customers. This includes writing a message including your products and services or brand name and sending to more users so that you have increased publicity.

In this modern generation, each and every person has their own personal gadgets and smart phones. Each and every person has Whatsapp on their smart phones so that they can be in contact with each other. They can get information about any service, product or brand through whatsapp. Whatsapp is one of the best apps which are used effectively by people across to the globe to stay in touch. One of the best features of Whatsapp is that it can help people in communicating with them through texts, images or even with video messages. As we all know the fact the digital marketing has worked wonders in the last few years. And after the digital marketing trend, each and every business organization is moving towards a new way of marketing and that is, Whatsapp marketing.  

TBI Technologies is offering Whatsapp Marketing services in India and working towards providing bulk text, image and video marketing options for the businessman to use it for best results. In fact, we all are aware of the fact that people are now using their smart phones so that they can reply to the mails and messages. If we talk about Whatsapp marketing services India, then you can understand that now many companies are using Whatsapp for promoting their brands of their products and services with the help of Whatsapp marketing services India. It also helps the companies or businesses in adding new products or services in the cart. In the recent times, the companies are now restricted on sending a limit of number of messages through SMS to the users.

Now, the companies and business organizations are using Whatsapp to send out bulk messages or broadcasting the messages to the users. With one account, one can only send or broadcast messages to only 25 users. The Whatsapp marketing services India are charging affordable and suitable prices to their users.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Reliable Bulk SMS Gateway Provider in India

With the each passing day, we can see that technology is touching heights and reaching new level to help the people in an effective way. It is just because of these technological changes that are helping people to achieve great success and leading a more comfortable and easy life. Almost every day new products are being launched in the market and as the competition level is too high in the market, people need to struggle a lot in order to sustain in the market. The bulk SMS gateway provider also makes some or the other researches or experiments in order to be more and more creative. Almost everything is done with the help of bulk SMS.

bulk SMS service provider

In the olden times, people used to advertise about their products using TVs, radios, newspapers and magazines. But slowly and gradually, these mediums of advertising are losing out its importance because the cost associated with these mediums is actually high and the rate of response is also very low. In addition to this, small scale business can't support these types of advertising such as TVs, radios, newspapers and many more. Companies used to focus more on placing advertisements and what they got in return was very little response. But as the technology is rising day by day, the way of marketing or promotion is also changed as now the companies do not need to be dependent on print or air media for advertising. Now, Bulk SMS gateway provider is used by companies and businesses in order to spread information about their products and services. In addition to this, the cost involved in this technology is much less than other mediums of advertising.

If the company wishes to promote their product or service using bulk SMS gateway provider, then this service will allow the company to send short messages to the target audience to get great response in return. First, the company needs to identify the target audience and then the units are purchased from the bulk SMS gateway provider. After the purchases are made, the company is able to send messages to the people.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Bulk SMS Services to Promote Retail Software

Now days, the competition in the market is increasing at an increasing rate. It has become important for businesses or companies to match with the increasing competition. It has become important for every type of business to get in touch with the targeted audience so as to fulfill all the needs and requirements of the market. Now, businesses are using bulk SMS gateway provider in India for sending updates, alerts, information regarded newly launched products in the market, offers, schemes, and many other kinds of information. They use these services because it reaches to them from time to time. Many business organizations and companies are making use of bulk SMS gateway provider in India to keep existing customers in the effect of the business and as well as attracting the new or potential customers towards their business. As mentioned above, competition is rising day to day, and if the contact between the clients fades low, then the competitors takes full advantage of this situation by attracting towards their products and services.


In olden times, the businessmen used to take help from television, newspapers, radio and pamphlets to deliver information about their products and services to the potential customers as well as existing customers. But now, businessmen are taking help from bulk SMS gateway provider in India to advertise about their products and services. When businessmen ask for most effective and efficient way of marketing about the products and services, bulk SMS tops the list. Now days, almost each and every kind of business is opting for bulk SMS gateway provider in India to increase their sales.

The size of the business doesn't matter at all; you can use these services for all kinds of businesses. Bulk SMS gateway provider in India uses all numerous kinds of ways to spread information in a very easy and efficient way. The customers easily gets attracted towards this kind of information and for this, businessmen do not need to spend huge amount. They also do not need to wait for months and years to get response as what happens in other kinds of advertising.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Services Offered by Transactional SMS Providers in India


Transactional SMS are all about the information they get on their mobile phones of the services they have rendered. These SMS are sent to only those people who choose to be informed about the services. These types of messages are known as Transactional SMS as these are not promotional messages. The companies use Transactional SMS providers so that they can deliver their messages to their customers. These SMS are only sent to the people when they choose to get an alert for these services and this can help them in getting latest information about their bank accounts, booking and many more. 

What are the uses of transactional SMS providers in India?
  • It helps the educational institutions to inform parents or guardians about the student’s attendance, fees related information, any important message to be given to the child and many other vital information.
  • Many times, people give their mobile numbers in the banks for regular update of their account. In return, the financial institutions inform the user regarding their cash details as in deposited or withdrawal. 
  • While placing an online order, an individual gives his contact number so that he or she can be updated about the parcel's dispatch, order confirmation, order delivery and also for order return. These are used by customers about regular updates of their products delivery. 
  • An individual can also book gas, business details or confirmation of doctor's appointment information and can get up to date information regarding it.
  • The transactional SMS provider helps us in getting security coding or OTP (One Time Password) we get while doing online shopping and many more things.
What are the benefits of using the Transactional SMS provider in India?
  • These messages are sent to the users anytime and at any place without any problem. 
  • The option of push delivery report is also available. 
  • The transactional message serves as high delivery ratio than any other kind of SMS. 
  • It also delivers the real time of delivery to the companies or agencies.
  • It gives fast, easy and secure delivery to its users.

Monday, 22 January 2018

How Bulk SMS Marketing in India Can Impact Your Real Estate Business

One of the most emerging businesses in India till date is Real Estate Business. In the last few years, the real estate business has developed a lot and has grabbed the potential of huge success. The reason behind their huge success is that now each and every one has a dream to have their own perfect houses at perfect locations. As now people are running in a race of earning more and more, as they earn more, their lifestyle changes a lot. And now people in large number are contacting various real estate agents to get their dreams fulfilled of owning their perfectly shaped house.

In a particular city of a country, we can find many agents that are dealing in the business of real estate. Buyers, who want to purchase their dream house, rely on these property agents for the information. Therefore, as the world is now becoming more and more digital and as there are inventions of new technologies taking place, real estate agents use Bulk SMS marketing services in India to give information about upcoming projects of a particular area to the buyers? For conveying information related to the properties, the real estate agents are now taking help from Bulk SMS provider in India. The Bulk SMS marketing in India helps the agents to market or promote the property through sending text messages related to the property to their prospective buyers.

In India, it has been observed that the builders too now take help of Bulk SMS providers in India to help them in marketing about their upcoming projects or the properties which are ready for sale. Most of the times, the real estate agents or construction companies take the help from Bulk SMS service providers in India to let them advertise about their projects to their existing or new customers. They send them text messages regarding space available for their dream house or any type of space needed for commercial purposes. Real estate business has shown a positive growth in the global market in the last few years.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

TBI Technologies Top Bulk SMS Gateway Provider in Bhopal India

Now days, we can see that the success off every business organization depends only on the wide network of the customers on the World Wide Web or internet. Each and every business is now adopting the digital strategies to get in touch with the targeted audience and customers in the short span of time. The owners of the business organizations try to send latest updates, new alerts, newly launched products and services, offers, schemes and many other type of information to their customers time to time. This way of sending updates and many other things that are listed above is one of the best ways of keep updating their current clients of the business and also to attract the new or potential customers towards the quality of products and services that the business generally deals in. Now, it is considered that if any business enterprise does not follow these kinds of practices to attract the customers, then the competitors can take advantage of this by attracting new customers towards their products and services and then you can face a lot of trouble in your business. To overcome these kinds of obstacles in the business, the owners of the business creates an image in the online market.

Most of the owners of the business organizations take the help of the radio, newspapers, televisions, internet, SMS Gateway provider Bhopal and various other ways and means to advertise or promote their products and services. The online marketing helps the business to reach their targeted audience in all ways. There are various ways of advertising and some of them would be effective too but they need high cost for the implementation. These cannot be suited for the new startups or for small business. Spending a huge sum of money on the advertisement and promotion purpose can be a bad decision in terms of the cost management. When the business needs the most effective cost technique and influential way of marketing, Bulk SMS is the only thing that would come on the top. The Bulk SMS service have now become a top most priority for all kinds of businesses and almost all of the businesses are now opting for this. The SMS Gateway Providers offers customized SMS that enables all kinds of businesses to send SMS in bulk to a number of potential customers or targeted audience in a very easy but in an effective way.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Bulk SMS Offers and Discounts in Bhopal

Bulk SMS is a kind of promotional tool that is used by many business organizations and enterprises to send messages to their potential customers quickly and efficiently. Generally, it is used by small businesses and the businesses that have recently started. They use Bulk SMS as a marketing strategy to convey their messages such as special offers, discounts, and gifts to customers, new lunch of product and service and many more. There are millions of users of mobile from all over the world. Today, as more and more people are using mobile phones, therefore, businessmen are using this technology as simple ways and means of reaching the customers efficiently and quickly. As the technology is being modernized day by day and the market is becoming more competitive for the businessmen, thus, with the help of Bulk SMS in Bhopal a business can stand out from rest of the businesses.

The cost of usual advertising flyers and the ads in the newspapers is more than the cost of the services of Bulk SMS in Bhopal. It is one of the best ways that is more cost effective and efficient ways of promotion of a particular product or service. Bulk SMS is an excellent way of spreading news about your products and services and about your company to your targeted customers. 

If you live in Bhopal and you are looking for a Bulk SMS Provider in Bhopal, then it is a good choice to make your business stand out from the rest of business in the market. All you need to do is to make your products and services reach the targeted audience. The first and the foremost thing you need to do is to create an attractive messages that looks appealing to the customers, and then you need to give that message to the Bulk SMS Provider in Bhopal. Then they will broadcast the message by sending SMS in bulk to their targeted audience. The main motive of any business behind sending Bulk SMS is to improve the profile of your business and that will directly help you to increase your customers.